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Degradable Solutions

Degradable Solutions is a success story that started as a spin-off of the ETH and developed into a well-known specialist for resorbable implants.

In 1999 we mapped out our mission “After successful medical therapy, no foreign implant should remain in the body.” We still live up to that statement and it perfectly complements the philosophy of the international Sunstar Group, which we joined in 2011.

We both have a commitment to research and development, and the conviction that continuous innovation is capable of steadily improving both the well-being of patients as well as cost-effectiveness in the healthcare field. In order to fulfill this, we rely on close collaboration with industry partners, research institutes and surgeons.

In the field of bone regeneration, it has developed an own line of patent-protected synthetic bone graft substitutes, which is distributed under the brand GUIDOR on a world-wide scale.