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Dreitägiger Implantologiekurs

📢 Dreitägiger Implantatkurs ❗ Kostenlose 20 Punkte ❗ Förderung des Ires-Implantatsystems ❗Kursprogramm:➡️ Sofortige Implantation mit sofortiger Belastung in der ästhetischen Zone des OberkiefersResIres kurze Implantate im hinteren UnterkieferUnd am 23. AprilII Tag 25 JuniIII Tag 22 OktoberDozent Dr. Zoran Marjanovic📢 Ich Tag 23 April10-11h➡️Extraktion des zweiten oberen Schneidezahns und Installation des IRES VOLUTION-ImplantatsUgAugmentationDyDynamic Abutment Lieferung➡️Eine provisorische Krone herstellen11-12h➡️3D-Planung im hinteren UnterkieferIRImplantation eines IRES Short VOLUTION...

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Hello, we want to thank you for a lovely socializing and opportunity to learn. It was great experience, we saw and learned a lot of interesting things and it was a great little trip. Bruno and Pavle, Dental office Dr Bruno Buzuk

Dental office Dr Bruno Buzuk


MIKODENTAL is a family company founded in 1987 in Germany by dental technician Miodrag Kostic. For almost 30 years of successful operation, MIKODENTAL has been confirming its position of a reliable partner, equipping large numbers of dental laboratories and dental clinics in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia with devices and materials of last generation.

Our company has branch offices in Serbia (main office), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mikodental BH) and Croatia (Cirkon-Dental).

Reliability in business dealings with MIKODENTAL is enabled by a professional team of employees from dental profession, as well as the fact that MIKODENTAL possesses its own dental laboratory and dental office using the offered materials and equipment. A good, professional advice is thus guaranteed.

MIKODENTAL's main activities are imports, exports, production and sales of dental materials and equipment of the world's leading companies. Service is an integral part of the Company. Courses and lectures are held several times a year at our fully equipped training center.