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Since 1978, Zubler has tailored an advanced line of equipment and materials for the international dental laboratory market. As the result of individual attentiveness and service to the industry, Zubler remains a premier producer of high quality products designed to evolve with the rapidly changing dental laboratory industry. Zubler also remains committed to adapting to the individual needs of our clients, remaining flexible and attentive to each individual laboratory's needs.

In the United States, Zubler is well known for brushless hand pieces, portable suction, central suction and firing/pressing ovens. Although well established, we see the importance of being directly involved with our clients. After years of indirect distribution, in 2011, Zubler decided to go direct with small equipment and new products to our clients in the U.S.

Since 2011 we have introduced the VARIO PRESS.e, the VARIO 200 ceramic oven and the VARIO Balance dosing device. More products are on the way and we invite you to stay tuned for our developments.