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Three-day implantology course

📢 Three-day implant course ❗ Free 20 points ❗ Promotion of Ires implant system ❗
Course program:
➡️Immediate implantation with immediate loading in the aesthetic zone of the maxilla
ResIres short implants in the posterior mandible
And April 23rd
II day 25 June
III day 22 October
Lecturer Dr. Zoran Marjanovic
📢 I day 23 April
➡️Extraction of the second upper incisor then installation of the IRES VOLUTION implant
DyDynamic abutment delivery
➡️Making a temporary crown
➡️3D planning in the posterior mandible
IRImplantation of IRES short VOLUTION implant
X-ray verification + analysis
Lecturer Dr. Zoran Marjanovic
📢 Day II June 25 10-11h
➡️Soft tissue managment
➡️Free lobe transplantation (keratinized mucous membranes from the palatum)
➡️Tunnel technique
Lecturer Dr. Zoran Marjanovic
📢 III day 22 October 10-11h
➡️Installation of a definitive Aesthetic abutment
➡️Making a definite Ceramage crown
Lecturer Dr. Zoran Marjanovic
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