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Beautifil II SHOFU - Gala Dent

Great greetings from Gala Dent, a dental practice in which the most beautiful smiles are created, Gala-smiles. I want to tell you that for the Gala - smiles the most important product is Beautifil II SHOFU. For my patients, I always choose the best. Why is Beautifil the best product for me? Precisely because it is nice to handle and easy to apply, I easily apply it. Because I can get top gloss and top aesthetics, top quality transparency and because it does not differ from the surrounding structures of the tooth. As a giomer, he has an anticariogenic effect, which makes me very happy and makes me and the patients very confident in the future, that secondary caries will not develop, that the filling will be persistent, resist pressure, abrasion, and all that what can harm it in the future.
I love my vocation, I love my patients, I love the products I use. I choose, you have also to choose! Choose only the best!

Dr Mirjana Milutinovic, Gala Dent

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